Chesca2022-11-17 07:54:43
I like to see the good in everyone ^_^
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Chesca2023-02-15 03:46:13
@disco!xD Also you\'re funny and creative and a good friend (Or does that fall under the kind? Idk)
disco!2023-02-15 03:41:44
@Chescaoki good enough
Chesca2023-02-15 03:35:12
@disco!—_—; You\'re a very kind person
disco!2023-02-15 03:11:21
@ChescaI dont have any thing to say:D
The Legend. A2023-02-01 03:03:59
@ChescaSelf-control? Yeah.
Chesca2022-12-15 03:01:54
@No_Name137But yeah... it never gets any easier... just grieve how you want to... it\'s okay to cry...
Chesca2022-12-15 02:59:15
@No_Name137Believe me, I understand your pain... I\'ve lost so many people... I\'m just kind of used to it now as horrible as that sounds... I\'m the one who stays strong for everyone else usually and cry alone
No_Name1372022-12-15 00:05:55
@ChescaI just don\'t get it everyone in my life dies and I\'m tired of people telling me it\'s to make me strong
Chesca2022-12-14 03:38:44
@No_Name137Aw pal... I\'m so so sorry...
No_Name1372022-12-14 01:25:59
@Chescawell recently my mom died😞
Chesca2022-12-09 14:52:08
@No_Name137What about a parent? Or family member?
No_Name1372022-12-09 07:39:22
@Chescai can\'t tbh I can\'t get a therapist and I have no friends
Chesca2022-12-08 10:21:23
@No_Name137You need to talk to someone in real life about this... seriously please tell someone...
No_Name1372022-12-08 09:27:39
@ChescaI think I need help I\'m thinking about killing my self🙏
Chesca2022-12-08 05:30:59
@scarfraiseAhhhhh I get it ^^That IS good