Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:19:54
actually I'm going to let you guys try to decide which anime I should watch there's not too many animes on Hulu though but the ones that do have are pretty good
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Mr.ÑØ2022-11-21 02:37:52
@Zachary20131913I don\'t know that one
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:35:04
@Mr.ÑØthe last anime website did I used was animexplay
Mr.ÑØ2022-11-21 02:32:58
@JustyMusty2Yeah it\'s great web and my favorite thing it has cool name🔥🔥🔥
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:32:38
@JustyMusty2yeah I have Crunchyroll it overloads with ads you could have the best Wi-Fi ever and it would still buffer
JustyMusty22022-11-21 02:31:38
@Mr.ÑØfr, I used crunchyroll and it got annoying with those ads, so I started using
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:30:49
Mr.ÑØ2022-11-21 02:30:41 is best even old one piece OVA is there
JustyMusty22022-11-21 02:28:58
JustyMusty22022-11-21 02:28:46
@Zachary20131913But I’m pretty sure both of them aren’t in hulu, can’t you sign up in There billons of animes there with no ads or you have to pay
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:27:12
@JustyMusty2I\'ll watch two episodes of One piece and then I\'ll watch fighting spirit wait did you mean to say spirit or sprit
Mr.ÑØ2022-11-21 02:26:16
JustyMusty22022-11-21 02:24:57
@Zachary20131913I recommend Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, or Fighting Sprit.
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:23:24
@Mr.ÑØactually I\'ll just watch One piece on Netflix
Zachary201319132022-11-21 02:21:35
@Mr.ÑØyeah one piece is on Hulu I\'ll watch it I\'ve never watched one piece before
Mr.ÑØ2022-11-21 02:20:57
@Zachary20131913I don\'t know if it\'s on hulu but in my opinion \"One Piece\" is best anime