ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 02:10:01
King is back!
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ironA52022-11-23 18:25:22
@ATAMIxochishthe song is called \"bad liar\" not \"bad liars\"
ATAMIxochish2022-11-23 18:10:49
@ironA5Is not that song?
ironA52022-11-23 17:14:29
@ATAMIxochishbad liars
ATAMIxochish2022-11-23 17:11:00
@ironA5Yeah i tell that to @Chesca couse I wanted her to be my friend in that acc too
ironA52022-11-23 17:08:23
@ATAMIxochishyou said it was ur cousin
ATAMIxochish2022-11-23 17:07:03
@ironA5I did man see damn Katakuri post!
ironA52022-11-23 17:05:27
@ATAMIxochishyou didn\'t, dummy
ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 21:46:45
@ironA5I already did,remember our talk?I needed safe place to go and made that acc,man go see Katakuri post
ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 21:45:42
ironA52022-11-22 19:30:28
@ATAMIxochishYES! YOU ADMITTED UR @ImNotNice! fool
FathemaNiloufer2022-11-22 19:12:10
@ATAMIxochishYeah thanks but never did that again
ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 18:59:20
@ironA5How can i fool a fool?
ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 18:58:30
@ironA5Changed?Ya know i don\'t even remember password of @ImNotNice
ATAMIxochish2022-11-22 18:57:34
@FathemaNilouferFirst thing i did is answering you
ironA52022-11-22 13:48:46
@ATAMIxochishso you changed the acc lol, try to fool me?