JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:37:19
Nathan found Zackirell, in the city.
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JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:57:42
@TheArtGeekEventually you will know, NOT YET.
TheArtGeek2022-11-23 11:57:17
JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:53:46
@TheArtGeekNo m’am you will have to wait.
TheArtGeek2022-11-23 11:53:19
@JustyMusty2*gasp* tElL mE nOw-
JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:49:32
@TheArtGeekAlot more happened tho.
TheArtGeek2022-11-23 11:48:38
@JustyMusty20•0 i am intrigued-
JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:46:52
@HappyBrewIts okay
JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:46:43
@TheArtGeekYea, since 1000 years ago, humans and elves had war and the elves killed almost everyone
TheArtGeek2022-11-23 11:45:20
@JustyMusty2*gasp* Elves are banned???!!! I need to know more.....
HappyBrew2022-11-23 11:43:22
JustyMusty22022-11-23 11:42:34
@HappyBrewOkay, you alrea told me
HappyBrew2022-11-23 11:40:47
@JustyMusty2Im adding posts to my *Future* YouTube channel. If you want your post to be in it, see my most recent post for more information