FathemaNiloufer2022-12-01 23:10:32
Which Wednesday it good 1 or 2 lol i just watched half ep 1
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FathemaNiloufer2022-12-10 22:24:13
@godel6thx i like it too
godel62022-12-10 05:07:27
@FathemaNiloufer2 is better
tdvyq82pvr@privaterelay.appleid.com2022-12-05 01:04:49
@FathemaNilouferno problem
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 01:03:56
@tdvyq82pvr@privaterelay.appleid.comi like that one to btw thx
tdvyq82pvr@privaterelay.appleid.com2022-12-05 01:01:42
@FathemaNilouferSecond one
OmoriLee2022-12-05 00:52:50
@FathemaNilouferhErE wE gO aGaIn , BRUHHHHHH 🗿
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 00:51:24
@OmoriLeebruh here we go again
OmoriLee2022-12-05 00:50:44
@FathemaNilouferyou just said that, and IM annoying? you were the one that bringed that up, dont u remember? 🗿
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 00:49:54
@OmoriLeedude i didnt said Wednesday bruh your so annoying
OmoriLee2022-12-05 00:49:09
@FathemaNilouferWednesday isnt yOuR cReAtIoN
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 00:48:36
@OmoriLeeand i dont have any problem with someone else creating my creations
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 00:47:58
@OmoriLeeuh you can think that if you want
OmoriLee2022-12-05 00:46:54
@FathemaNilouferyou quite did
FathemaNiloufer2022-12-05 00:46:34
@OmoriLeeum i didnt saw you copied me
OmoriLee2022-12-05 00:45:43
@FathemaNilouferi started posting about wednesday the 11-25 🤓 so i did not copy u 🤓🤓