ironA52022-12-09 22:17:20
why I'm taking a break: exams 👀 doing Christmas pranks ☃️ surviving no Deez December
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ATAMIxochish2022-12-22 18:28:30
@ironA5Oh kinda cool for you but mine will be better
ironA52022-12-22 18:09:57
@ATAMIxochishI mean probs a veterinarian
ATAMIxochish2022-12-22 18:09:27
@ironA5Ok what\'s you\'r future profession?😗
ironA52022-12-22 17:06:28
@ATAMIxochishprofession* you serious
ATAMIxochish2022-12-20 00:12:29
@ironA5Ok what is you\'r future profesion and once again if i\'ll read wrong answer I swear to god...
ironA52022-12-19 20:59:15
@ATAMIxochishhome, home, home, home, home, study lab, study lab, study lab, library, library, library, library, quiet room, quiet room...
ATAMIxochish2022-12-12 23:10:34
@ironA5Alright let me change my question, where do you study?
ironA52022-12-12 19:18:23
@ATAMIxochishBiology, fucking bloody hell killing rabbits and frogs...
ironA52022-12-12 19:17:54
@ATAMIxochishOhhhhh, so you said what do I study for and you wanna know what I study, 🗿
ATAMIxochish2022-12-11 22:28:43
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-11 22:27:47
@ATAMIxochishlol i also don\'t know him i just saw him in dream SMP when i was watching the Dream SMP eps
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-11 22:27:05
@ATAMIxochishah ok then
ATAMIxochish2022-12-11 22:26:45
@FloxGamerFathemaI mean NINJA\'s full name
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-11 22:23:52
ATAMIxochish2022-12-11 22:23:01
@FloxGamerFathemaNo I mean name of youtube