FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 13:25:50
I don't get it why yall make others like not humans i don't like ppl fighting i don't like wars i don't like ppl comparing THIS app is doing that,all ppl are starting kinda war, stop it yall stop
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Anyaaslay2023-01-29 00:19:32
@FloxGamerFathemabut you compare me as a girl
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 20:03:36
@ironA5See my post
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 20:03:26
@THE SWAT GUYSee my post
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 20:03:12
@OmoriLeeSee my post
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 19:46:26
@ironA5um ok then
ironA52022-12-12 19:40:18
@FloxGamerFathemaand the one who needs to shut up
ironA52022-12-12 19:40:08
@FloxGamerFathemaso maybe you are the one who needs to go to hell
ironA52022-12-12 19:39:00
@FloxGamerFathemait\'s facts, face it, you are the \"war\", without you it\'s peace
ironA52022-12-12 19:38:31
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 13:54:56
@THE SWAT GUYstut up
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 13:54:48
@OmoriLeego to hell
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-12 13:54:38
@Apple diecasthm..
THE SWAT GUY2022-12-12 13:50:22
Apple diecast2022-12-12 13:41:58
OmoriLee2022-12-12 13:33:04
@FloxGamerFathemaYOU are the war here, if ur sOooo annoyed then quit