JustyMusty22022-12-15 10:56:47
Quick change Elisa Z. Rivera(Z= Zapata) *Mocha(OmoriLee) I know it doesn’t match, plz don’t come after me-*
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JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:24:40
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:23:44
@JustyMusty2laugh laugh
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:23:06
@OmoriLee*starts dying* HE-*Passes out*
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:22:19
@JustyMusty2sting sting
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:21:58
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:21:05
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:20:23
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:19:13
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:17:55
@OmoriLeerightyt…. AHA! Rikeo G. Rivera! (G=Gael) Luisa S. Rivera??(S= Sofiá)
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:15:10
@JustyMusty2its a no
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:14:24
@OmoriLeeuh….no? yes? Maybe?
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:13:17
@JustyMusty2gael is a mexican middle name so what do u think 💀
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:09:16
@OmoriLeehmmm…… OKAY, The Mexican thing is staying(Btw does William match with Gael? Rikeo G. Willam(G=Gael) It doesn’t righttt?)
OmoriLee2022-12-15 11:07:21
@JustyMusty2thats just taking away mexican rep 💀
JustyMusty22022-12-15 11:06:28