TheArtGeek2022-12-24 01:16:00
My main AU Afton family!
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OmoriLee2023-02-12 07:49:56
@SUNNY SZi wasnt talking to you, idiot 💀 what a simp
SUNNY SZ2023-02-12 01:57:01
JustyMusty22022-12-24 02:19:09
@TheArtGeekGive him a beard. and make his eyes, smaller! :D
TheArtGeek2022-12-24 01:31:59
@OmoriLeeif im being honest, I had the same things to say about them- also, thanks for the tips on making Willy look older, he always kills me-
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:26:41
@TheArtGeekand does Elizabeth have double bows?? i mean thats alr but the colours dont fit the aesthetic
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:25:54
@TheArtGeeknaw but fr, 👁 👁
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:25:20
@TheArtGeeknow The Crying Child, are his eyes divorced??
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:24:52
@TheArtGeekthe puffy hair doesnt really suit him
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:24:28
@TheArtGeeknow with FoxyBro, he looks grey--
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:24:09
@TheArtGeekthe hair also makes him look like a teenager
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:23:48
@TheArtGeekimma start with Willy, he looks too young, you should make his eyes smaller and fix his face features
TheArtGeek2022-12-24 01:23:05
@OmoriLeeyes please!
TheArtGeek2022-12-24 01:22:33
@JustyMusty2he kinda does- but idk how to make him look older lol- (; ̄ー ̄A
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:22:05
@TheArtGeeknot a fan of how they look, may i critic each one??
OmoriLee2022-12-24 01:21:35
@tdvyq82pvr@privaterelay.appleid.comFR AKDNWODMDIDK