Chesca2022-12-30 06:00:41
idk bored and stuff-- Feelin cute, wanted to cosplay a maid totally my idea 👀
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Aaggg Gggj2023-11-19 04:26:37
AarishAshraqAshm2023-06-06 00:51:46
Miss~ATKK2023-02-12 02:23:55
JustyMusty22023-01-02 23:48:56
@ChescaYass- Thanks! (Best lyrics ever-)
Chesca2023-01-02 14:07:05
@JustyMusty2*____* Them lyrics are wow-- a lot-- oh I posted Yuri btw ^___^
Chesca2023-01-02 14:00:23
@JustyMusty2°-° Ah sorry I fell back to sleep
JustyMusty22023-01-02 12:04:00
@Chesca“I can do all them little tricks, and keep the d¡ck up inside it, you can smack it, you can grip it. You can go down and kiss it……” I LOVE THIS SONG-
JustyMusty22023-01-02 10:36:45
@ChescaYea sure mommy- I MEANNNN “Friend” UwU
Chesca2023-01-02 10:12:00
@JustyMusty2Oo I can post her now then? She\'s not the best and I had to improv the eyes a bit
JustyMusty22023-01-02 05:48:47
@ChescaUwU dadd-
Chesca2023-01-01 17:58:46
@shokoohThank you friend :D
Chesca2023-01-01 17:58:12
@JustyMusty2Will do ^^;
shokooh2023-01-01 17:57:13
@Chescal liked ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
JustyMusty22023-01-01 12:51:21
@ChescaFine, just do her normal character. Also uh… Happy New Years! UwU-
JustyMusty22023-01-01 01:03:05
@ChescaPLEASE, :(