JustyMusty22022-12-31 03:16:38
I have weapons! (on the game ofc) -AK-47 -Pocket Knife -A pencil - A REMOTE CONTROLLER
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FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 12:24:07
@JustyMusty2Hmm......oh hell
JustyMusty22022-12-31 05:06:23
@Demon Kids0-0
Demon Kids2022-12-31 04:47:57
@JustyMusty2i have a knife in my room :D
disco!2022-12-31 03:45:40
@JustyMusty2no. * grabs paper plate with paper spoon*
JustyMusty22022-12-31 03:34:53
@FloxGamerFathema3. both
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 03:30:04
@JustyMusty2Wait What \"Shut up\" was that 1.a normal one 2. or the Stfu one?
JustyMusty22022-12-31 03:26:20
@disco!WAIT… *Grabs Spork* AHA! IM MORE POWERFUL!
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 03:20:54
@JustyMusty2wof oops🤐🤐
disco!2022-12-31 03:19:32
@JustyMusty2*gives 1 spoon* NOW WERE BOTH POWERFULLLLL
JustyMusty22022-12-31 03:18:36
JustyMusty22022-12-31 03:18:17
@FloxGamerFathemaShut up.
disco!2022-12-31 03:18:05
@JustyMusty2I\'m worse. I have. A SPOON
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 03:17:29
@JustyMusty2imagine having that in real life MUHAHAHAHAA😈