FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:06:02
Okay now I'll take a break from this app And also @Oliver:) don't you ever say that i am disrespectful if you do i swear I'll annoying you till your death
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FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:26:52
@ATAMIxochishlol 🤣🤣
ATAMIxochish2022-12-31 21:21:30
@FloxGamerFathemaMe running with ice cream💪🍧
Chesca2022-12-31 21:18:07
@FloxGamerFathemaNo problem
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:15:01
@ChescaThank you
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:14:54
@ATAMIxochishlol imagine i am texting you to get ice cream 🤣🤣
Chesca2022-12-31 21:14:18
@FloxGamerFathema:O CONGRATS!!
ATAMIxochish2022-12-31 21:14:03
@FloxGamerFathemaYeah rest is really good from this app,if you\'ll need something just text me Gunny
Chesca2022-12-31 21:14:00
@FloxGamerFathemaNo problem ^_^
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:13:59
@Chescawait did you saw i am at the 2nd place🎉
FloxGamerFathema2022-12-31 21:12:03
@ChescaAgain Thank you so much
Chesca2022-12-31 21:08:51
@FloxGamerFathemaIf you need time away, then I understand... take as much time as you need...