Chesca2023-01-02 14:05:21
r e q u e s t ☆ Who?: Yuri From?: DDLC For?: Lia Pie :D (@JustyMusty2) omg x.x So I made this yesterday morning but yeah-- The eyes are awful but had to improvise x.x
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Soraya eka22023-03-24 22:38:37
@Nezuko-chan fanaku mau kamu
Nezuko-chan fan2023-01-26 04:35:50
@Chescaofc! my pleasure!
Chesca2023-01-26 03:37:38
@Nezuko-chan fanAww thank you 😊
Nezuko-chan fan2023-01-26 03:36:53
@Chescaahh! i love yuri! you did an amazing job! keep it up <3
TravelMasteratic2023-01-03 08:34:27
Chesca2023-01-03 08:33:57
@TravelMasteratico.o Nothing?
Chesca2023-01-03 08:33:38
@JustyMusty2(°_° ... Love ya too pal💛)
TravelMasteratic2023-01-03 06:08:19
@ChescaWhat\'s going on here, dude?
JustyMusty22023-01-03 05:39:39
@Chesca(I love u-♡)
JustyMusty22023-01-03 05:39:16
@ChescaA SPONGE!
Chesca2023-01-03 05:31:00
@JustyMusty2Uhhhhhhhh °~° Jelly? Or jello?
Chesca2023-01-03 05:30:17
@JustyMusty2(<3 <3)
JustyMusty22023-01-03 05:29:38
@ChescaRIDDLE FOR U: What comes out wet,soft,and squishy?
JustyMusty22023-01-03 05:29:02
Chesca2023-01-03 05:27:32