jabezf12023-01-03 13:10:59
LAST DAY OF SUPERMII I can't post anymore Why:Because When I'm saving my creations it won't let me save THIS IS GOODBYE TO SUPERMIi Goodbye friends @@alissosouza @Aryagusti9 @Chesca @OMORILEE
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Lỏ Nhi2023-01-15 12:22:19
@jabezf1ngầu vãi đái
Chesca2023-01-04 04:08:48
@jabezf1Yay gooood ^^
jabezf12023-01-04 03:14:36
Chesca2023-01-04 02:30:31
@jabezf1Did it work?
jabezf12023-01-04 02:08:14
@ChescaI\'ll do it
jabezf12023-01-04 02:08:02
@Arya Gusti989Sorry
jabezf12023-01-04 02:07:46
@OmoriLeeI follow you
jabezf12023-01-04 02:07:28
@jabezf1Ok I\'ll do it
Chesca2023-01-03 15:29:39
@jabezf1Go to your phone gallery and delete all the superme pictures... It works for me
Arya Gusti9892023-01-03 13:55:50
@jabezf1@Arya Gusti989
OmoriLee2023-01-03 13:36:02
@jabezf1bye bye mate but -- do i know you?? (not in a rude way)
jabezf12023-01-03 13:27:12
@jabezf1I can\'t Post anymore sorry
prytonabay2023-01-03 13:24:31
@jabezf1Noooooooo! Dont leave!
jabezf12023-01-03 13:24:21
@jabezf1At least I can chat
jabezf12023-01-03 13:23:58