Chesca2023-01-10 02:43:14
Oh hey, so this is for @HappyBrew's competition ^^; Please don't copy kthaaaankz ✌🌴
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Chesca2023-01-15 16:13:43
@AUGIEPUP._. chill...
AUGIEPUP2023-01-15 16:09:01
@ChescaWHAT THE F#CK JUSTYMUSTY2 your alive
AUGIEPUP2023-01-15 16:07:00
Chesca2023-01-10 08:12:02
@JustyMusty2Sure ^_^
JustyMusty22023-01-10 08:11:28
@ChescaCan you check my hand idea? ;(
Chesca2023-01-10 08:03:30
@JustyMusty2I mean ^_^; If you think so... I\'m gonna accept it...
JustyMusty22023-01-10 07:54:16
@Chescathat is true! >:{
Chesca2023-01-10 07:52:29
@JustyMusty2Minus the hot, yes you got me dead on 👌👌👌
JustyMusty22023-01-10 07:50:23
@ChescaI would describe you as uh: Trustful, not helpful, nice, VERY hot-, stressed baddie-
Chesca2023-01-10 07:45:00
@JustyMusty2Ooooo uh Confident, loyal, sweet, funny, loving, smart (Well smarter than me anyway)
JustyMusty22023-01-10 07:41:51
@ChescaHow would you describe me??
Chesca2023-01-10 07:40:28
@JustyMusty2x.x I dunno
JustyMusty22023-01-10 07:38:07
Chesca2023-01-10 07:37:47
@JustyMusty2Oh and dumb af of course xD
Chesca2023-01-10 07:37:23
@JustyMusty2Huh... that is a good question... uh... quietly chaotic and artistically fabulous xD idek