L4ZYBVNS2023-01-13 00:10:25
I need to be more careful about picking up friends.
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THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 16:50:56
@L4ZYBVNSit\'s fine it was a long time ago anyway
L4ZYBVNS2023-01-14 16:45:17
@THE SWAT GUYI...can\'t actually sorry
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 12:12:05
@L4ZYBVNSyea you remember me?
L4ZYBVNS2023-01-14 12:10:55
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 12:08:10
@L4ZYBVNSI used to have a old account I\'m pretty sure I talk to you on the old account but I don\'t know my name was ghost face 234
L4ZYBVNS2023-01-14 12:06:59
@THE SWAT GUYIt\'s fine, it’s getting normal now
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 04:04:15
@L4ZYBVNSoh sry
L4ZYBVNS2023-01-13 22:51:54
@THE SWAT GUYFrustrated at the behaviour of my friends
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-13 21:35:48
@L4ZYBVNShow r u
L4ZYBVNS2023-01-13 15:04:26
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-13 11:28:50
@L4ZYBVNShello <: