Chesca2023-01-14 02:23:44
I made Teal and Yellow; the characters from the new server picture for the Super Me Discord :D
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OmoriLee2023-01-14 04:39:33
Chesca2023-01-14 03:56:11
@OmoriLeeI told them
Chesca2023-01-14 03:44:58
@OmoriLeePerhaps... I\'ll let them know
OmoriLee2023-01-14 03:24:08
@Chescaplease do, let everyone know that i didnt know about this, maybe they got confused with another admin.
Chesca2023-01-14 03:24:04
@OmoriLeeIt was the official Super Me Acc who announced it on the Art server
OmoriLee2023-01-14 03:23:18
@Chescawhat. who?
Chesca2023-01-14 03:23:14
@OmoriLeeI\'d have a chat with whoever is running the discord x.x
Chesca2023-01-14 03:22:17
@OmoriLeeHuh... strange... they even tagged you in the comment announcing the winners of the contest
OmoriLee2023-01-14 03:19:19
@Chescawtf... i havent been on discord like in a month. this wasn\'t my idea. i didn\'t even know about this..?
Chesca2023-01-14 03:17:36
@OmoriLee^^; It\'s on the Discord,they said it was your idea
OmoriLee2023-01-14 03:14:24
@Chescai wasnt informed of this?