THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:24:13
I've been thinking about this for a while should I quit super me but I don't know should I?
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THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:42:17
disco!2023-01-14 15:41:43
Chesca2023-01-14 15:38:58
Chesca2023-01-14 15:38:37
@THE SWAT GUYDon\'t think of it as annoying, think of it as thought provoking ^_^ That\'s what I do whenever I think I\'m annoying
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:38:07
@disco!ty guys I will stay (: I won\'t quit yet
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:35:58
@Chescawell ty (: but I think I am
disco!2023-01-14 15:35:17
@THE SWAT GUYagain my son will be my son :/ Oliver\'s tempo is to short.
Chesca2023-01-14 15:34:42
@THE SWAT GUYWell I don\'t think you\'re annoying at all :/
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:33:23
@Chescappl irl and almost everywhere else I go say I\'m annoying
Chesca2023-01-14 15:31:54
@THE SWAT GUY... If you quit we\'ll be incredibly sad... You\'re not annoying... :(
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:31:29
@THE SWAT GUYOliver thinks I am
disco!2023-01-14 15:31:18
@THE SWAT GUYwho forgets there cousin
THE SWAT GUY2023-01-14 15:30:36
@disco!then it would take you about 5 hours to forget about me
disco!2023-01-14 15:30:28
disco!2023-01-14 15:29:38
@THE SWAT GUYbro u got more fans than me. that means it would take 4 hours for them to forget me