TheArtGeek2023-01-16 08:02:48
I kinda wanna remake people's OC'S- anybody want me to remake their OC?
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TheArtGeek2023-07-02 04:07:27
Fleky972023-07-01 19:18:20
TheArtGeek2023-01-17 23:01:33
oliver:)2023-01-17 18:26:05
@TheArtGeekcaan u do xyrous and akash??? ( The ginger one and the emotionless kid ) i caan repost em
TheArtGeek2023-01-17 05:28:43
@JustyMusty2done with Dentsu
TheArtGeek2023-01-17 04:12:07
@JustyMusty2done with Sejin
TheArtGeek2023-01-17 03:12:52
@JustyMusty2done with Zetar
TheArtGeek2023-01-17 02:33:13
@JustyMusty2done with Kashtu
JustyMusty22023-01-16 10:15:24
@TheArtGeekN-nothin’……. ehehe~ Can
TheArtGeek2023-01-16 10:14:39
@JustyMusty2●_○... What did you just say to me?
JustyMusty22023-01-16 10:13:08
@TheArtGeekYo mama sucks these ba-/j
TheArtGeek2023-01-16 10:12:06
@JustyMusty2your request sucks, so..... (*ノ▽ノ*)
JustyMusty22023-01-16 10:11:03
@TheArtGeekehehe~ this deal sucks-
TheArtGeek2023-01-16 10:10:11
@JustyMusty2ok, I have an idea. I will make all of these OC\'S if you FINISH MY FREAKING REQUEST.
TheArtGeek2023-01-16 10:09:04
@THE SWAT GUYI have no idea-