ItzFelixlol2023-01-23 09:43:50
I really should leave this are you guys saying I am framing alisso? guys have gone to much.its heart is BROKEN.its never going to be fixed..
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Chesca2023-01-24 15:42:56
@ItzFelixlolI\'m like a piece of gum on your shoe, impossible to get rid of XD
ItzFelixlol2023-01-24 15:39:06
@Chescathanks,chessika.your the one whos been by my side since my jewel account.
Chesca2023-01-24 15:37:31
@ItzFelixlolIf he starts off again, I will do. I don\'t want to fire any drama up if I can help it... I just hope he fades into the background again...
ItzFelixlol2023-01-24 15:35:16
@Chescaexplain it, begging you...hes in the post where i posted smth abt alisso in my oliver account..
Chesca2023-01-24 15:34:04
@ItzFelixlol:/ Ignore him... No one person in this situation is the soul reason why it got so bad... It just built up to this point... If he says anything, I\'ll explain this to him.
ItzFelixlol2023-01-24 15:27:43
@Chescai dont know...but im so defeated...its heart isnt fixed..that guy saying i framed him , tht would always be in my mind.
Chesca2023-01-24 15:26:54
@ItzFelixlolWas that harsh? Idk 💀💀
Chesca2023-01-24 15:26:17
@ItzFelixlolI\'m not being funny, but who even is that guy? 🙃 How can he comment on this sitch when he hasn\'t been involved in it?
ItzFelixlol2023-01-24 15:19:32
@Chescaits a guy named jabez,the one who said hes quitting bcuz he cant save anymore pictures..
Chesca2023-01-23 18:10:12
@ItzFelixlolTell me. Whoever it is has it wrong. I know you and Alisson have your problems, but I don\'t think either of you are at fault... It\'s a situation that got out of hand on both sides...
ItzFelixlol2023-01-23 17:45:27
@ChescaI don\'t wanna tell,they will just post shitty stuff abt me when I tell.
Chesca2023-01-23 15:54:51
@ItzFelixlolWho said that?