Chesca2023-01-26 05:21:17
I know I can be stupid... I know that, it's just a part of me. Sorry if my stupidity upsets you, can't do much about it... (〃⌒ー⌒〃)ゞ
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James Cox2024-01-05 22:55:10
Charles RL-62702023-04-24 14:05:29
Chesca2023-01-27 07:42:31
@oliver:)Maybe that\'s naiive of me... that\'s just what I live by...
Chesca2023-01-27 07:41:34
@oliver:)Maybe... But... I still have faith in everyone... anyone can choose to be a good person or a bad person... only they can make that choice; no one else...
oliver:)2023-01-27 06:50:47
@Chescachessika...i did the same thing and i really regret it,but you cant trust anyone who is \"nice\" to you then being mean after. its like theyre using you..
Chesca2023-01-27 02:39:12
@oliver:)I don\'t want to believe that someone who I trusted so much, who I stuck up for when the Youssef thing happened, would ever try to hurt me like this... I just don\'t... Who can I trust anymore?
oliver:)2023-01-26 20:44:35
@Chescahow..can you not realize? chessika,scarfraise IS a p3d0,he was faking leaving,and waythes IS scarfraise.
TravelMasteratic2023-01-26 07:06:55
@ChescaOkay, I also already wake up
Chesca2023-01-26 07:05:49
@TravelMasteraticThat thing is never going to hurt me ever again... I won\'t let it... I can\'t...
TravelMasteratic2023-01-26 07:02:24
@ChescaGood, We never support of that Type Also, I will protect you from that Thing
Chesca2023-01-26 06:57:11
@TravelMasteraticThey can rot in prison...
TravelMasteratic2023-01-26 06:53:53
@ChescaI know, Pedofilia will be deserved on Prison
Chesca2023-01-26 06:50:50
@TravelMasteraticIt bloody sucks...
TravelMasteratic2023-01-26 06:49:56
TravelMasteratic2023-01-26 06:49:35
@ChescaYeah, I hate Pedofilia too