Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 13:51:08
the way all of these old posts are make me wonder what i was thinking in 2017. literally what was wrong with me wtf
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guest5008234912023-06-05 00:16:48
AMEERSHB2023-03-16 23:18:23
@Jack-The-Coolbruh look like link
Chesca2023-01-26 15:19:58
@Jack-The-CoolFair enough 😅 Good night pal
Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 15:19:12
@Chescaoh no:( also im gonna head to bed i am EXTREMELY tired lol
Chesca2023-01-26 15:15:07
@Jack-The-CoolAh, 2019 I was gone most of the year because of a glitch that would crash the game on start up x.x
Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 15:12:07
@Chescaugh yeah this app does. its really sucky sometimes. i remember a whole bunch of drama and a handful of people from when i was on this app that had drama. i think i quit not to long after early 2019
Chesca2023-01-26 15:08:47
@Jack-The-CoolAlso SM does that to you... Makes you want to quit but then you miss it so you wind up coming back 🥲
Chesca2023-01-26 15:07:52
@Jack-The-CoolAh, I\'m glad you\'ve adapted to it ^_^ Just because someone has a disability doesn\'t mean they can\'t live because of it. In some ways it drives you to do more in life...
Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 15:03:28
@Chescayeah same with me, i just never post about it. along w my disability ive learn to accept myself and my identity:). honestly i miss this app but i dont at the same time
Chesca2023-01-26 15:01:28
@Jack-The-Cool:o Aw bud that must have been difficult to process... I\'m okay, still on this fire dumpster app ^^; (To be fair I have left a couple times, I just always come back)
Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 14:56:47
@Chescagood actually, im pretty tired and i recently got diagnosed w a disability so i havent been to school. wbu?
Chesca2023-01-26 14:54:59
@Jack-The-CoolxD Hi, how\'s it going?
Jack-The-Cool2023-01-26 14:48:58
Chesca2023-01-26 14:47:10
@Jack-The-CoolWe all have those phases 🥲🙈
FathemaNiloufer2023-01-26 14:10:41
@Jack-The-Coolheh yes