The Legend. A2023-02-01 02:36:01
Heey~it's a me..Argend xD aight aight, let's get this serious. Yo, name's Argend, you can call me 'A' back again, I think this time I'm gonna be here until Valentine's day.
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Alisso souza2023-02-01 06:08:37
@The Legend. Anp ^_^
The Legend. A2023-02-01 05:11:32
@OmoriLeeWell, to be honest, as bad as always, nothing new or special. How \'bout you? It\'s actually surprising to see you still here o.o
The Legend. A2023-02-01 05:09:17
OmoriLee2023-02-01 05:08:37
@The Legend. Ahru mate?
Chesca2023-02-01 05:02:58
@The Legend. AWooooah chill xD It\'s cool man! I just remember most people I meet on here because it\'s like my 2nd home
The Legend. A2023-02-01 05:02:05
@OmoriLeeAyy, I remember that name. Heyya
The Legend. A2023-02-01 05:00:48
@Alisso souzaThank you
The Legend. A2023-02-01 04:58:58
@ChescaDAMN, the fact that you remember it and I don\'t....I\'m a horrible person ^^\' like, you have a right to pick a knife and stab me with it, I deserve it x) too much? sorry.
OmoriLee2023-02-01 02:56:58
@The Legend. ASUPP
Alisso souza2023-02-01 02:54:05
@The Legend. Ayou welcome back 😉✌😊👍bro
Chesca2023-02-01 02:43:25
@The Legend. A🙃 Last time you were back we talked but uh don\'t worry about it
The Legend. A2023-02-01 02:40:50 ^^\' We don\'t know each other, right?
Chesca2023-02-01 02:38:09
@The Legend. AYooooo welcome back pal ^_^