JustyMusty22023-02-05 02:09:15
The song “4:00 A.M.” Is myyyyy favorite I CANT-
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guest9023589782023-11-01 02:09:49
JustyMusty22023-05-13 05:26:04
MANNY84AYER2023-05-13 01:13:02
killinggame2023-04-28 06:30:21
@JustyMusty2yw uwu
JustyMusty22023-04-24 03:15:35
killinggame2023-04-22 04:57:48
@JustyMusty2nice oc 😊
JustyMusty22023-02-05 08:18:49
@linkveveOh byeeeeee! :D See you… EVENTUALLY
linkveve2023-02-05 08:17:57
@JustyMusty2Anyways, It was amazing talking to you again, see ya later ✌︎(\'ω\'✌︎ )
linkveve2023-02-05 08:17:01
@JustyMusty2Yess, is very important to check the lyrics ( ̄∇ ̄)
linkveve2023-02-05 08:16:29
@JustyMusty2Hey I looked it up, and her music is good, but is not my taste of music, but at leats we got something in common (´∀`)
JustyMusty22023-02-05 08:12:15
@linkveveSometimes I question if their insulting me- So I just look at the lyrics(in English)
JustyMusty22023-02-05 08:11:14
JustyMusty22023-02-05 08:11:05
@linkveveI’m not sure if they quit though. That’s what someone told me- Unless their lying snakes.Ꙭ
linkveve2023-02-05 08:10:00
@JustyMusty2give me a sec
linkveve2023-02-05 08:09:51
@JustyMusty2Mmmmm, now I got to check that out