Chesca2023-02-05 16:43:12
It's bloody coowd ootside sheeesh
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orig10102023-07-01 18:21:59
@Chescahow did you get this hair
charlotte2452023-06-17 16:12:30
@Chesca*gives you a cup of ☕*
Trunks Saiyan2023-02-13 16:43:55
@ChescaWow Nice Avatar❤️❤️❤️
Chesca2023-02-12 00:28:32
@JustyMusty2You made me look so cool!
JustyMusty22023-02-12 00:11:28
Chesca2023-02-12 00:06:50
@JustyMusty2O: For me?
JustyMusty22023-02-12 00:06:18
@Chescaeheh~ I made smth for uuuu
Chesca2023-02-12 00:04:18
JustyMusty22023-02-11 23:25:46
@Chesca(maria kissed my jacket-)🦫🦫🦫🦫
Chesca2023-02-11 23:19:01
@JustyMusty2^_^ (Hmm?)
JustyMusty22023-02-11 23:13:16
Chesca2023-02-11 23:12:39
@JustyMusty2Better than I have been the past 3 days ^^; How are you?
JustyMusty22023-02-11 23:11:50
@Chescaheheh- Anywayyy, how are you?
Chesca2023-02-11 23:01:51
@JustyMusty2I see ^_^;;
JustyMusty22023-02-11 22:59:49
@Chesca“Can enjoy it too-“ COUGH- I was listening to Jack Stauber!