TheArtGeek2023-02-06 05:33:52
Remaking old OC'S Victims: These two- (I don't remember their names-)
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TheArtGeek2023-02-11 09:16:18
@ItzFelixlolI didn\'t forget them, I just don\'t remember their names lol-
ItzFelixlol2023-02-11 08:34:47
@TheArtGeekthink its the bad guy who hurted the kid in the alley , YOU ALR FORGOT EM???
TheArtGeek2023-02-06 08:16:25
@guest101159028??? what did I do wrong?
guest1011590282023-02-06 07:42:50
disco!2023-02-06 06:00:28
@TheArtGeekil give u an oc
TheArtGeek2023-02-06 05:57:36
disco!2023-02-06 05:40:07
@TheArtGeekoh also I\'m taking all your stuff with me to heaven
disco!2023-02-06 05:37:13
@TheArtGeek*999 gun shots*
disco!2023-02-06 05:36:53
@TheArtGeekI\'m gonna kill myself.
TheArtGeek2023-02-06 05:35:20
@disco!nnnnnnope! 🙃
disco!2023-02-06 05:34:38