Chesca2023-02-11 19:36:21
Yesterday was quite possibly THE most sick I have ever been... Thought I was dying at one point. The migraine was scary... made me physically sick and I passed out a few times bc of it... not fun.
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Chesca2023-09-07 15:59:17
@Kyrusent-thank you ^_^; I\'ve not had a migraine as bad as this one since
TravelMasteratic2023-09-06 18:27:37
Kyrusen2023-09-06 17:19:48
@TravelMasteraticbro it aint time for that
Kyrusen2023-09-06 17:18:48
@Chescai hope that never happens to you again take breaks when u need and rest
guest7063895252023-08-10 16:48:05
guest6064427512023-07-09 02:27:46
Kim_sana2023-06-09 20:16:58
@Chescasoooo cute
Black_Lady​2023-06-04 15:40:08
TravelMasteratic2023-05-26 06:06:10
charlotte2452023-05-26 00:24:54
@ChescaYou were really sick on my sister\'s birthday
charlotte2452023-05-26 00:23:54
TravelMasteratic2023-02-11 19:50:20
@ChescaThanks-- >:(
TravelMasteratic2023-02-11 19:46:17
@ChescaI mean: MY THROAT HURTS--
Chesca2023-02-11 19:46:11
@TravelMasteraticGet well soon
Chesca2023-02-11 19:45:41