Chesca2023-02-14 02:33:26
Bruh... my oven just beeped twice for no reason and then the mop flew out if the cupboard— 💀💀
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Damon.Z2023-12-05 20:12:40
@Chescaman u gotta run or buy a gun and do this 🖕🙏🙏🙏
Fleky972023-07-01 19:17:53
charlotte2452023-06-04 21:19:02
Julian.Rosales2023-02-14 05:20:39
@Chescaok thank you for reminding me
Chesca2023-02-14 05:17:44
@Julian.Rosales^^;; Ah no, it\'s okay- My reason for not sharing my age is just a personal thing, had problems in the past. Don\'t give out your location though ever
Julian.Rosales2023-02-14 05:14:03
@Chescaoh ok i am not a stalker just asking and i only share my age i should start doing what you do
Chesca2023-02-14 05:12:01
@Justin Martinez-4209Welp ._.
Justin Martinez-42092023-02-14 05:09:31
@Chescaalso not really
Justin Martinez-42092023-02-14 05:05:12
Chesca2023-02-14 05:03:24
@Julian.RosalesI don\'t like to talk about my age or location just for safety reasons ^^;
Julian.Rosales2023-02-14 04:38:51
@Chescahow old are you ?
Chesca2023-02-14 03:05:50
@Justin Martinez-4209o_o Not that it\'s any of my business but I think you\'re a bit young to be dating...
Justin Martinez-42092023-02-14 02:47:29
@Chescahey I\'m 10 wanna be my girlfriend
Chesca2023-02-14 02:33:57
@Chescaout of*