ih8pplik3u_idk2023-02-23 08:18:31
GUESS MY NAME! Clue No.1 = it is greek Clue No.2 = begins w “D” Clue No.3 = has 2 vowels Clue No.4 = it has 6 letters Clue No.5 = it ends in an “é” D_ _ _ _ é - Nalani Can you guess for a follow?
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Apple diecast2023-03-01 11:48:42
@ih8pplik3u_idkI already did,in my new post
ih8pplik3u_idk2023-03-01 04:08:21
@Apple diecastgive some clues first
FathemaNiloufer2023-02-25 16:02:54
@Apple diecastoookay that will be hard cause i am bad at guessing
Apple diecast2023-02-25 15:01:42
@ih8pplik3u_idkguess my name
Apple diecast2023-02-25 15:00:55
@FathemaNilouferGuess my name
ih8pplik3u_idk2023-02-23 20:39:29
@Apple diecastcheck my newest post
FathemaNiloufer2023-02-23 19:42:00
@Apple diecastyoo how did you guessed it correctly?
FathemaNiloufer2023-02-23 19:40:15
@ih8pplik3u_idkDaleen? lol that just came in my mind
FathemaNiloufer2023-02-23 19:36:59
@ih8pplik3u_idkok then \"Da____\" hmm
Apple diecast2023-02-23 18:32:50
@ih8pplik3u_idkDaphne... is it my dear friend?
ih8pplik3u_idk2023-02-23 17:05:49
@FathemaNilouferyes, there is 1 “a” after the “D” but no “i”
FathemaNiloufer2023-02-23 11:45:34
@ih8pplik3u_idkdoes your name have \" a,i\"?