Chesca2023-02-26 01:02:18
EEEEP! THANK YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH FOR 1280 FAMS! So close to 1300 x) Love yoooouuu
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Chesca2023-02-27 03:56:59
@JustyMusty2(nee bother, you already sent it 😂😂)
JustyMusty22023-02-27 02:39:21
@Chesca(…….girl wtf is ref-)
Chesca2023-02-27 02:36:28
@JustyMusty2(Do you have a post with her on I can ref?)
JustyMusty22023-02-27 02:34:01
@Chesca(make Maria in your style, I’ll repost her.)
Chesca2023-02-27 02:30:46
@JustyMusty2(Of course)
JustyMusty22023-02-27 01:07:52
@Chesca(can i tell you something)
Chesca2023-02-27 00:59:43
@JustyMusty2( ;~;)
JustyMusty22023-02-27 00:50:43
@Chescayour a hoe-
Chesca2023-02-27 00:42:42
@JustyMusty2o.o Oh?
JustyMusty22023-02-27 00:40:11
@ChescaFly-Day Chinatown(a song-)
Chesca2023-02-27 00:29:58
JustyMusty22023-02-27 00:14:37
@ChescaIt’s okay ig-
Chesca2023-02-26 23:06:41
@JustyMusty2How\'s your house? xD
Chesca2023-02-26 23:06:20
@JustyMusty2It\'s okay I guess 😅
JustyMusty22023-02-26 22:28:43
@Chescaheheheheheheeeeeee, howwwwsssss yourrrrrrrrr…….uhmmmmm…….houseeee-(dumbbbb questionnnnn)