Chesca2023-03-02 06:10:06
Well well well...My instincts were right, huh? The evidence you pointed to me isn't there because it didn't happen, did it? Also to Alisson: stop holding me accountable for being human.
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Alisso souza2023-05-27 22:13:40
@ChescaChesca delete this post please 😞🙏
Alisso souza2023-05-25 07:17:12
@ChescaChesca será que você poderia deleta esse post ? porque esse post esta mais falando mal de mim
Alisso souza2023-05-22 00:05:40
@ChescaChesca delete this post please 😔🙏
Alisso souza2023-05-22 00:05:00
@abdulkanadude I know this was a fight last month but I already made up ok 😊✌
abdulkana2023-05-21 23:11:07
@Chescau guys gotta stop it know
abdulkana2023-05-21 23:08:56
@Alisso souzathat ain\'t nice be nice to her atleast
Alisso souza2023-03-19 10:33:45
Chesca2023-03-19 08:48:47
@Alisso souzaWe are past this now so don\'t worry ^^
Alisso souza2023-03-19 03:50:49
@ChescaSorry Chesca😔
Alisso souza2023-03-02 09:22:34
@ChescaGood night 🌙 😴zzzZZZ
Chesca2023-03-02 09:08:49
@Alisso souzaLiterally, give it your all. If it makes you feel better to insult me, I\'ll be your punching bag ^_^
Alisso souza2023-03-02 09:07:21
@Chesca^_^ 💀
Chesca2023-03-02 08:32:45
@Alisso souza^_^ Yes yes, cuss at me all you like. It won\'t affect me.
TravelMasteratic2023-03-02 08:31:01
@ChescaInteresting, This is why that I Hate Alisson now
Alisso souza2023-03-02 08:29:27