ItzFelixlol2023-03-03 16:49:25 involved in the chesca n alisso drama? i fucking did nothing but study all day and sleep late just because of u guys are saying i started it? you guys are making fools out
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jabezf12023-03-15 03:36:11
@ItzFelixlolIdk because your becoming a useless User?🤔
SUNNY SZ2023-03-11 19:40:24
@OmoriLeeI\'m not saying that you are homophobic and sexist, it was just chesca who got it wrong, I was cursing it was shit ltzFelixlol
OmoriLee2023-03-11 09:55:43
@Chescathat guy is nuts fr
Chesca2023-03-11 09:39:00
@OmoriLeeAlso of course I\'m gonna support you 🥲
Chesca2023-03-11 09:38:33
@OmoriLee🙃🙃 The guy is a silly goose with the things he claims... Literally pulling lies from thin air 😅🙈
OmoriLee2023-03-11 09:28:27
@Chescaidk how they got that im sexist-- im like the contrary -- 🙂
OmoriLee2023-03-11 09:27:43
@Chescathanks for supporting me chesca 😭
OmoriLee2023-03-11 09:26:52
@SUNNY SZim not sexist wdym 🙂... what is ur problem-- 😀
Chesca2023-03-05 08:18:27
@SUNNY SZAlso, if you think OmoriLee is sexist you REALLY don\'t know anything, huh? Mikey is THE BIGGEST advocate for gender equality on this app HANDS DOWN. So sit yourself down sir.
Chesca2023-03-05 08:11:40
@SUNNY SZThe same with Jaxx. They\'re both really good friends. The problem is, they aren\'t compatible with eachother and that\'s fine; it\'s okay not to like everyone
Chesca2023-03-05 08:08:26
@SUNNY SZShe has helped me through a lot, and I mean A LOT of hard times (Gunny is Fathema btw), and I dunno what I would have done without her
Chesca2023-03-05 08:06:49
@SUNNY SZOkay... Here\'s the thing: I\'ve been present for the whole Gunny and Jaxx drama. I can tell you that it isn\'t to do with Sexism. Gunny is one of my best friends, I would never do anything to hurt her.
SUNNY SZ2023-03-04 19:12:50
@ChescaI\'m going to show the first that he is a sexist, look at his comment for fathenema there you will see your blindness
Chesca2023-03-04 16:24:37
@SUNNY SZSo unless you want to miraculously pull some other proof out of thin air I have no reason to believe you.
Chesca2023-03-04 16:22:24
@SUNNY SZI asked you to show me proof. You sent me to a post saying he said \"faggot\". There was no such comment on the post. These are the facts.