ItzFelixlol2023-03-03 16:49:25 involved in the chesca n alisso drama? i fucking did nothing but study all day and sleep late just because of u guys are saying i started it? you guys are making fools out
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James Cox2024-01-05 22:50:41
Sly_032023-07-07 07:45:03
@SUNNY SZClearly that\'s not working, took a shot after every curse you put in your sentences.
Sly_032023-07-07 07:43:28
@jabezf1Try looking at yourself in the mirror, might help seeing who really is the useless one.
Sly_032023-07-07 07:40:26
@charlotte245You sound like an idiot when you say that.
youngdagger2023-06-28 17:45:09
@ItzFelixlolbro flex wsp it\'s me gamer
charlotte2452023-06-03 16:38:01
@ItzFelixlolYoure dead
charlotte2452023-05-28 16:08:25
@ItzFelixlolI am dramatic because I am Pisces
@web_animes2023-04-26 01:11:48
Alisso souza2023-04-17 03:16:28
@ChescaYou welcome (>^__^>)
Chesca2023-04-17 02:52:24
@Alisso souza^.^ Obrigado
Alisso souza2023-04-17 02:44:13
@Chescaohh okay ☺👍
Chesca2023-04-17 02:40:54
@Alisso souzaAgora me acalmei um pouco (Mainly because I got distracted by something), mas não vamos mais brigar e ficar triste, okay ^^;
Chesca2023-04-17 02:38:36
@Alisso souzaDesculpe, eu fiquei tão emocionado... Eu já estava triste antes de começarmos essa luta, então isso só... me deixou ainda mais triste
Alisso souza2023-04-17 02:36:50
Alisso souza2023-04-17 01:08:34
@Chescaok 😞😞