Daichi1232023-04-19 08:35:37
sooo.... Q and A anyone? ask me anything but please nothing inappropriate k?
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guest9023589782023-11-02 17:01:26
5465432023-10-26 03:25:25
@Daichi123Eres de San Juan papito chulo 😻😻
guest6046418372023-07-30 04:39:35
@Daichi123Oh I love this post i like this one daichi123 you\'re the best😁
guest6046418372023-07-29 04:07:33
SAMET BUĞRA2023-07-27 02:37:16
youssefdg2023-07-09 01:46:30
@Daichi123it\'s so beautiful
Daichi1232023-06-17 02:29:57
Daichi1232023-06-17 02:16:56
@charlotte245sure but have we met before?
charlotte2452023-06-16 23:10:56
@Daichi123Can you make Itachi?
Daichi1232023-06-16 07:36:16
Daichi1232023-06-09 09:30:26
@charlotte24521 and live at he state in the middle to the right on the US map
G3JO1234562023-06-06 12:17:46
@Daichi123Can you follow me?
charlotte2452023-06-04 21:03:42
@Daichi123How old are you and where do you live?
Daichi1232023-04-23 11:44:57
TravelMasteratic2023-04-21 11:59:12
@Daichi123Done, I posted it