Chesca2023-04-24 05:36:54
So there was a state of emergency alarm test sent to every phone on a network in the UK earlier... I knew it was happening and it still scared the heck out of me. It was creepy as hell...
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TravelMasteratic2023-05-24 05:50:16
guest4013098752023-05-22 23:45:57
@TravelMasteraticmeu deus como eu vou te mandar o link pra você também e o vampiro e o vampiro comel
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:18:47
@Chesca* Facepalm *
Chesca2023-04-24 15:18:20
@TravelMasteraticYou\'re the one who said it first 😅😅
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:16:29
@ChescaWHAT THE--
FathemaNiloufer2023-04-24 15:15:11
@Chescalol alright
Chesca2023-04-24 15:13:59
@FathemaNilouferIt\'s because Sini was cosplaying a serial killer *_*
FathemaNiloufer2023-04-24 15:07:09
@Chescahot in 9 hours
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:03:42
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:03:35
@ChescaLol, Killing is My Hobby--
Chesca2023-04-24 15:02:03
@TravelMasteraticOh, just serial killer things?
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:01:23
@ChescaBecause... Im such an Serial Killer--
Chesca2023-04-24 15:00:58
@TravelMasteratic•~• Why are you choking me anyway?
TravelMasteratic2023-04-24 15:00:02
@ChescaI mean: * Calling an Doctor *
Chesca2023-04-24 14:59:47
@TravelMasteraticAnything to do with choking is bad...