Chesca2023-07-20 05:10:38
Everyone rushing to download the new Sims 4 Horse pack keeps crashing the EA app. I just want to update so I can have ceiling paint 😭 It's crashed like 10 times
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Chesca2023-08-07 06:37:12
@exoo 12311The joys of the EA App
exoo 123112023-08-07 06:30:08
@Chescadamn ._.
TravelMasteratic2023-07-22 14:44:13
@ChescaNevermind, I was Acting lol-
Chesca2023-07-22 01:29:44
TravelMasteratic2023-07-21 23:13:40
@ChescaNo, It wasn- * Vomitting Purple and Starting to Die * Ches... Help... That... Shake... Gonna... Kill... Me...
Chesca2023-07-21 14:52:36
@TravelMasteratic😂 Was it gross?
TravelMasteratic2023-07-21 14:48:46
@ChescaOhhh... I already drinked that lol-
TravelMasteratic2023-07-21 14:48:18
@RudkloAutocorrect: - skills: ❌ - kills: ✅
Chesca2023-07-21 14:44:01
@TravelMasteraticI meaaan it\'s on brand
Rudklo2023-07-21 13:02:33
@TravelMasteraticthe shake skills people
TravelMasteratic2023-07-21 06:20:01
@ChescaOhhh... If you drinking Grimace Shake, You\'re be Vomitting Purple and Die
Chesca2023-07-21 01:20:05
@TravelMasteraticLike the vibrant pastel purple colour looks like it would taste like artificial fruit idk
Chesca2023-07-21 01:18:50
@TravelMasteraticThe shake 😅
TravelMasteratic2023-07-20 19:31:33
@ChescaWhat Unpopular Opinion? Grimace Shake or Sims?
Chesca2023-07-20 19:14:05
@TravelMasteraticunpopular opinion: I think they look gross 👀 I KNOW DON\'T JUDGE ME- But they look really sickly