Jullion2023-11-18 03:06:35
congrats to chesca for 1600 followers (enter cool duck dance)
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Damon.Z2023-12-05 20:07:27
Jullion2023-11-19 10:48:58
@Chescayeah kinda
Chesca2023-11-19 10:27:11
@JullionThat is a lot of cats to feed 💀
Jullion2023-11-19 10:07:13
@ChescaI have 7 cats
Chesca2023-11-19 09:02:35
@JullionWelp- that\'s that I guess 😅
Jullion2023-11-19 07:33:28
@ChescaI could have said that 2 hours ago but I was lazy mb
Jullion2023-11-19 07:32:47
@Chescanot rlly
Chesca2023-11-19 05:32:18
@Jullion._. Do you wanna talk about it?
Jullion2023-11-19 02:34:50
@Chescaeh not very well but yeah im gud
Chesca2023-11-18 19:11:01
@JullionOkay I guess ^^; Hbu?
Jullion2023-11-18 14:22:37
@Chescahow have u been
Chesca2023-11-18 08:59:29
@Jullion*_* When did I- Thank you though ;_;