Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-11-22 14:38:25
SuperMe - Nurainun Shoutout to: "Nurainun Nunun" Any request..??? Please comment..!!! And with be happy I will make your favorite character like anime or other character.
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Muhammad Nazri Ab Kadir2021-03-24 06:54:21
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqocan you request Kuroko From Kuroko no Basket? pls^_^
Muhammad Nazri Ab Kadir2021-03-24 06:53:27
HARGA Murah2021-01-21 07:40:28
@BrotherXxBosslu ga usah hina orang deh
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-11-23 14:29:56
@Arya Gusti989Billy Syahputra is done. I\'m sorry if a long time.
BrotherXxBoss2020-11-23 12:49:01
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqogak usah so manis lu kontolllllll\"lllllllllll
BrotherXxBoss2020-11-23 12:48:30
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqobbbbbaaaaascooooot5tt
BrotherXxBoss2020-11-23 12:48:18
@Arya Gusti989ajenggg)
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-11-22 20:18:13
@Alice AgathaThank you, Alice..(^-^)
Alice Agatha2020-11-22 18:36:18
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqocool yudhis 💜❤
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-11-22 18:10:06
@Eannah Oro(^-^)
Eannah Oro2020-11-22 17:58:04
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo🤗🤗🤗🤗
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-11-22 16:58:44
@Eannah OroOhh, thank you very much for your support, Eannah..(≡^o^≡)
Arya Gusti9892020-11-22 16:46:46
@BrotherXxBossjgn diejek sama bang Yudhis 😡
Eannah Oro2020-11-22 16:29:16
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqoyooo i heard you were 4th place on the leader board of a total of 426 on you handbook congrats, and boy im here to support you so good luck to you. ✊✊✊🤗🤗
BrotherXxBoss2020-11-22 15:54:32
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqoapus gak anjenggggggg