Prismia5552020-12-06 03:33:31
"I'm as strong as Goku and Vegeta combined and then some!" 'Gogeta' [COMMENT UR REQUEST TO BE FEATURED NEXT💪] You Never Know You Could Be Shocked w(°o°)w
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Su Nguyen Ngoc2021-02-10 22:20:22
@Prismia555hello goreta
Turquoise Patterson2021-02-04 01:05:57
Tienkies2021-01-31 17:09:47
dfghh732021-01-24 18:53:46
George Chavez2021-01-18 05:08:24
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2021-01-14 12:14:02
@Parvati ChhetriOkay, Parvati. I will check it now..(^-^)
Parvati Chhetri2021-01-13 17:17:36
@Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqocheck in my profile also I have maked so many DBZ character. (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Parvati Chhetri2021-01-05 22:29:08
@Parvati Chhetriis it done or not
Parvati Chhetri2021-01-04 16:36:40
Voux Design2021-01-04 12:02:54
Voux Design2021-01-04 12:02:39
@Prismia555my Emoji is used w(°o°)w=wow
Prismia5552021-01-04 07:22:12
@Parvati ChhetriI\'ll Post Him Tommorow xD
Parvati Chhetri2021-01-03 20:38:23
@Prismia555pls make shinchan . I\'m back with my new request , haha!!!
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2020-12-06 14:04:59
@Prismia555Very very perfect, Prismia..\(^o^)/
linkveve2020-12-06 07:02:04
@Prismia555That’s awesome, bro!! (^-^)