Prismia5552020-12-14 06:47:32
"MONOPOLY, M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y. Roll the dice, it's paradise. But if you fail, you go to jail." 'Rich Uncle Pennybags' [COMMENT UR REQUEST BELOW RN🖊️] +I'm not posting until Monday cos exam prep😥
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danoxito2021-03-25 06:45:32
crazyweebdemon2021-02-15 08:12:00
@Prismia555i just won a game of Monopoly
silentninja2021-01-27 12:03:49
@Prismia555love it
Luis Carvalho-24232021-01-25 06:09:16
Locasima2021-01-23 12:27:43
@Prismia555OMG cool
AZKAPRO™2021-01-13 16:33:38
@Prismia555HOLY CRAP !!!
Athallah Hanif2021-01-05 09:13:32
@Prismia555yes you are welcome
Prismia5552021-01-05 02:13:54
@Athallah HanifThank\'s Lad😁
Athallah Hanif2021-01-04 15:56:00
@Prismia555this is a best you is king
Emegamer252020-12-27 04:10:56
@Prismia555ajajaj xd
Mitcudjdjcjc2020-12-19 14:41:10
@Prismia555hi its so cool how you made that i have followed and liked
Prismia5552020-12-18 18:28:48
@Blacked user-8940TYSM👌
ayyub@gmail.com2020-12-18 06:33:57
@Prismia555it\'s like the real thing
Prismia5552020-12-16 03:07:50
@Arya Gusti989It\'s Done, ✅ Go Check Him Out xD.
Prismia5552020-12-15 04:03:50
@Firmansyah-8554Thanks M8 Appreciate It xD.