linkveve2021-01-04 03:42:43
VEVE -Roly Shoutout to: “Arya Gusti989” *I would like to make an anime or your OC character, soo please comment their names below*
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linkveve2021-01-16 14:58:54
@jayz_223It’s because of a hacker, anyways watch your language, bro. Girls don’t like that, man (^-^)
jayz_2232021-01-10 11:54:47
@linkvevehow the fuck does this have 6 likes but 2000 comments?
linkveve2021-01-04 22:05:43
@Yudhistira Meysa AlfaqoThanks a lot, Yudhis!! (^o^)
Yudhistira Meysa Alfaqo2021-01-04 17:34:23
@linkveveAww..!!! It looks cute..(〃^ω^〃)
linkveve2021-01-04 12:45:41
@Arya Gusti989Thanks, Arya!! (^-^)
Arya Gusti9892021-01-04 10:58:42
ayyub@gmail.com2021-01-04 09:07:42
linkveve2021-01-04 07:56:38
@ayyub@gmail.comYou got it!! (^-^)
ayyub@gmail.com2021-01-04 06:22:09
@linkvevewow, also make Zach, Arya Gusti 989\'s favorite character