ayyub@gmail.com2021-01-13 20:21:17
STEP BY STEP "MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN ITACHI" *look at the picture* Request by: "Rafli Alfaidz" Any request ??? please comment 👇👇👇 *** don't forget to like,comment,and follow ***
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Bdjejf2021-03-09 22:20:40
@ayyub@gmail.comWhy you can have no ears?
abrahamsinabutar2021-01-14 10:35:18
@ayyub@gmail.comaku barut tau karena gk pernah di spam
abrahamsinabutar2021-01-14 10:34:53
@ayyub@gmail.comoh gitu ya
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-14 10:17:53
@ayyub@gmail.comOk bro
ayyub@gmail.com2021-01-14 10:13:16
@Rafli alfaidzsdh jadi
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-14 09:58:18
@ayyub@gmail.comKamu buat aja mangekyou indra bro
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-14 09:58:01
@ayyub@gmail.comMadara mangekyou udah basi bro
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-14 09:52:32
@ayyub@gmail.comBro buka bro
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-14 09:52:23
@ayyub@gmail.comBro buka blok wa bro
ayyub@gmail.com2021-01-14 09:48:13
@abrahamsinabutarbagus kalau di spam sama orang ini
abrahamsinabutar2021-01-14 08:36:55
@ayyub@gmail.comkalau mau post abg tulis dibawah ya dont spam
abrahamsinabutar2021-01-14 08:36:17
@ayyub@gmail.comkalau di spam bagus atau enggak ?
abrahamsinabutar2021-01-14 08:35:49
@ayyub@gmail.comini ya maksud abg
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-13 21:47:48
@ayyub@gmail.comBro boleh gak aku kasih kamu tantangan bro untuk buat profil supermii saya bro
Rafli alfaidz2021-01-13 21:26:54
@ayyub@gmail.comMakasih atas bantuannya yaitu step by step nya itachi mangekyou sharingan