linkveve2021-02-18 08:06:52
VEVE -LinkVEVE (Titan) Thanks you so much for your support! *I hope you guys can reach 2,100 fans someday as well*
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santribosangame2021-02-25 15:17:18
@linkveveplease follow me I Will folback
LordCloud2021-02-24 00:14:07
@linkvevecan you make me?
ahmadsyameer2021-02-22 19:26:03
@linkveveRequest : Tornado Character From : Anime - ONE Punch Man Description : can you please make this one :)
Adrian Skoroda2021-02-22 16:35:11
@linkvevehello, can you make alucard from castlevania ? (from tv series and lords of shadow) ?
linkveve2021-02-19 14:00:14
@UltimateSparkOf course I can!! Just give me time!! (^-^)
linkveve2021-02-19 13:59:22
@Charlotte050429Thank you soo much, Charlotte!! Also, it’s nice to see you again!! (^o^)
UltimateSpark2021-02-19 02:04:16
@linkveveThis is really cool! Could you make me as a titan?
Charlotte0504292021-02-18 23:45:17
@linkveveBtw congratulations! 💕
Charlotte0504292021-02-18 23:44:35
@linkveveT-T why it\'s so good
linkveve2021-02-18 23:00:06
@Aksel SalehillabiYeah, like Maxel says, I don’t think there’s a number in the Collosal
linkveve2021-02-18 22:59:21
@𣥶°_ Thank you, bro!! (^-^)
linkveve2021-02-18 22:59:07
@CallmehTiffanyThanks a lot, Tiffany!! (^o^)
Maxelpixel2021-02-18 16:07:46
@Aksel Salehillabiit\'s not in the handbook
Aksel Salehillabi2021-02-18 15:57:38
@linkveveBro, what\'s the colossal Titan handbook number
𣥶°_ 2021-02-18 15:17:20
@linkveveCongratss 🎉🎉🎊