ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:03:45
this is only for shayla
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ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:21:31
@ellie_the_dogygo to di s co r d
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:21:04
@ellie_the_dogyshe h a dcan c er
Shayla_da_pichu2021-02-18 10:20:03
@ellie_the_dogywhat does she have
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:19:34
@ellie_the_dogyu missed 2 3
Shayla_da_pichu2021-02-18 10:19:10
@Shayla_da_pichuoh i was expecting a 0
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:18:24
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:18:07
@ellie_the_dogyOK score is
Shayla_da_pichu2021-02-18 10:17:23
@ellie_the_dogyi dont think anything is wrong with her the only thing that she has that most people don\'t is a bold head
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:17:22
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:17:11
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:16:57
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:16:41
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:15:40
ellie_the_dogy2021-02-18 10:15:24
@ellie_the_dogyI will give you a hint
Shayla_da_pichu2021-02-18 10:15:09
@ellie_the_dogyidk what she has