FathemaNiloufer2023-01-24 15:03:55
Tell me What's your Biggest Fear Mine is Alone in Darkness
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Sergej Uchiha2023-10-23 07:03:09
@FathemaNiloufermine is to see sakura become a hokage
EduardaMaria2023-07-14 08:30:44
guest6064427512023-07-08 16:13:31
youngdagger2023-07-02 15:38:09
@FathemaNiloufermine death
gorillaz_music2023-07-02 10:29:06
@FathemaNiloufermy biggest fear is rasict guys and hitla cuz I mean the things they did to us....
guest5069374832023-06-03 15:36:24
EduardaMaria2023-06-03 05:30:28
FathemaNiloufer2023-05-24 13:25:51
guest4058899202023-05-23 01:55:28
@FathemaNilouferMy biggest fear is in dark I saw a red eye and im was freaking out
FathemaNiloufer2023-04-02 08:14:42
@Squidisbestano...that\'s a very scary incident you have there
Squidisbest2023-04-02 07:51:14
@FathemaNilouferWhats in the dark with you so be safe yall
Squidisbest2023-04-02 07:50:56
@FathemaNilouferBy something and then the lights started to flicker and i saw a black figure thats when the door was knocked down from my friends since they heard me shouting and screaming… You may never know-
Squidisbest2023-04-02 07:49:28
@FathemaNilouferIm scared of being in the dark to because once I was in my moms and dad room and I locked the door with the light off and when I tried to unlock it and open the door it wouldnt then I got pushed
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-17 12:38:21
@jabezf1oh yea i had a feeling like that too
jabezf12023-03-17 02:59:29
@FathemaNilouferI know it looks beautiful but it looks deep