Zachary201319132023-01-26 07:32:36
bye everyone
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vegito2722023-09-03 07:04:45
guest5069272942023-06-03 05:27:21
MigueI2023-04-07 06:22:43
@Zachary20131913do not leave or I will find you
jabezf12023-03-17 01:52:28
@Zachary20131913B🥺😦ro dont leave
Nunes RodriguesLuane Sofia2023-01-29 23:45:38
Nunes RodriguesLuane Sofia2023-01-26 09:20:43
Alisso souza2023-01-26 08:37:31
@Zachary20131913bye 😔👋
Zachary201319132023-01-26 07:54:09
@JustyMusty2I\'m still making up my mind
Zachary201319132023-01-26 07:46:28
@TheArtGeekwell depression has something to do with it
JustyMusty22023-01-26 07:46:17
@Zachary20131913so your leaving for deppresion? Thats something you should’ve said earlier
TheArtGeek2023-01-26 07:45:40
@Zachary20131913Oh... I\'m sorry bud... I understand how hard it is... I hope you\'ll be able to come back someday...
Zachary201319132023-01-26 07:43:22
TheArtGeek2023-01-26 07:41:36
@Zachary20131913Why?! Σ(×_×;)! Do you need me to be your ghostly very unprofessional therapist?
Zachary201319132023-01-26 07:38:34
@TheArtGeeklike I\'m leaving the game
TheArtGeek2023-01-26 07:37:16
@Zachary20131913E-Euegh?! Σ(×_×;)! is it bye like for realzies? I\'m so confuszled-