Chesca2023-03-02 08:23:41
OC Remake~☆ Who?: My OC; Tiff From?: A comic of mine about a Detective agency One of my faves, she's such a stunner. She's a hopeless romantic with a tendency to start fights...
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guest5012674922023-06-05 01:31:41
@may the octolingbhun
may the octoling2023-05-21 03:06:54
@Chescais scarfiace your b-brother? 😱
Chesca2023-03-02 08:59:29
@TravelMasteraticNo problem~ ^_^
TravelMasteratic2023-03-02 08:53:12
@ChescaThanks Again!!
Chesca2023-03-02 08:50:26
TravelMasteratic2023-03-02 08:35:00
Chesca2023-03-02 08:34:07
Chesca2023-03-02 08:33:57
@TravelMasteraticLeslie? Okie dokie 😊
TheArtGeek2023-03-02 08:32:50
@Chescano problem!
TravelMasteratic2023-03-02 08:32:32
@ChescaTry to Make Leslie (The Amazing World Of Gumball) as Human
TravelMasteratic2023-03-02 08:32:09
@ChescaOhhh, For Ocho, Bobert, Sarah and Teri as Human will be Requested Next Week
Chesca2023-03-02 08:31:07
@TheArtGeekThank youuuu~ x)
Chesca2023-03-02 08:30:51
@TravelMasteraticThat\'s a lot x.x Can I do just one? It\'s 00:30AM rn
Chesca2023-03-02 08:29:51
@TravelMasteraticThank you so much ^-^
TheArtGeek2023-03-02 08:28:54
@Chescadang, she\'s adorable!