Chesca2023-03-11 16:19:41
Finally managed to sleep~ Than goodness 😊
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Chesca2023-08-08 14:23:21
@NZBoyGOAT1423If you mean fans, it\'s all about engagement. If you make posts that people interact with, they\'re more likely to get on the hot page, which more people see
Chesca2023-08-08 14:21:06
@NZBoyGOAT1423On the post? The like counter is glitched so it just counts up over time even without anyone liking it
NZBoyGOAT14232023-08-08 14:12:48
@Chescadont have to anser but how did you get so meny likes and stuff?
deepshikha barik2023-05-24 22:23:28
@Chescahey im v
Julian.Rosales2023-04-07 06:42:20
@Chescahey rysm for being a part of my SM career i will miss everyone especially you
2k_no DEATH2023-03-12 20:31:29
Chesca2023-03-11 17:24:11
@TravelMasteraticIt\'s okay Sini ^^; but don\'t tell your friends that you hate them even if it is a joke- If you say it often enough they\'ll start to believe that you do hate them ^^;
TravelMasteratic2023-03-11 17:19:53
@ChescaIm Really Sorry
TravelMasteratic2023-03-11 17:19:40
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-11 17:13:22
@TravelMasteraticoh ok
Chesca2023-03-11 17:05:30
@TravelMasteratic:( Please don\'t joke about hating me
TravelMasteratic2023-03-11 17:03:21
@FathemaNilouferIt because... I was Accidentaly sended this to Ches
TravelMasteratic2023-03-11 17:02:21
@ChescaI mean: Nothing Happend WHAAA, WRONG SEND--
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-11 16:58:21
@TravelMasteraticNot being mean but why did you say that even if it was a Joke no-one can laugh on that kinda joke besides it make PPL sad
Chesca2023-03-11 16:56:08
@TravelMasteraticListen Sini... I get that it\'s a joke but it\'s still not nice to read :(