FathemaNiloufer2023-03-13 14:00:33
Kheehee i can't breathe my nose is blocked and if i breathe with my mouth open My throat hurts *Cough* khaaa
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Reincarnator2023-07-03 18:49:59
@FathemaNilouferis that u fg fathema?
FathemaNiloufer2023-04-24 14:12:25
@Julia wolf 792oh Thank you and Welcome to SuperMe
FathemaNiloufer2023-04-24 13:52:06
@MigueIbout what?
Julia wolf 7922023-04-20 20:28:59
@FathemaNilouferwow you are great I just started
AddiyaDaffa2023-04-09 22:29:46
@MigueIyyf vhg
MigueI2023-04-07 21:29:11
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-15 12:59:17
Chesca2023-03-15 04:38:04
@FathemaNilouferOh x.x
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-14 21:14:26
@ChescaI\'m but you know It\'s making me irritate now
Chesca2023-03-14 20:07:05
@FathemaNiloufer:/ Whatever you do, make sure you put your own safety first.
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-14 19:10:05
@Chescai think so
Chesca2023-03-14 16:24:33
@FathemaNilouferDid something happen?
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-14 13:45:10
@Chescaeh Thanks for that but there\'s no word in my mind \"Safe\" i always get in trouble even if I\'m not involved in it😅 but Thank you so much that made me a bit lighter
Chesca2023-03-14 02:43:30
@FathemaNilouferBut yeah, the Internet is scary... You\'ve always got to be careful ^^;
Chesca2023-03-14 02:41:56
@FathemaNilouferAnd my full name (Just because it\'s kind of unique and my last name is quite rare)