Chesca2023-03-17 06:58:56
☆.•°* იεω ρՔρ *°•.☆ She minty fresh 🌱🌱
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Chesca2023-06-15 04:13:54
@score188'ssisterFunny; seems like people cared enough to comment. You included. Twice :)
score188'ssister2023-06-15 01:37:29
@Chesca>nobody cares< 😈😹😹😹
score188'ssister2023-06-15 01:35:30
@ace123456789shut up nobody likes u
score188'ssister2023-06-15 01:34:55
ace1234567892023-06-03 08:17:09
@Chescaim your biggest fan pls follow me
Chesca2023-03-17 18:48:54
@FathemaNiloufer^_^ Okay
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-17 18:46:36
@ChescaThanks at my any post
Chesca2023-03-17 18:46:09
@FathemaNilouferOf course we can ^_^
Chesca2023-03-17 18:45:52
@TravelMasteraticI see
FathemaNiloufer2023-03-17 18:45:14
@Chescasorry to bother but can we talk?
TravelMasteratic2023-03-17 18:16:05
@ChescaIt wasn\'t me, That was Masami Yoshida do this--
Chesca2023-03-17 18:11:23
@TravelMasteraticNo? 🤣🤣🤣 Wow what a question
TravelMasteratic2023-03-17 18:09:17
@ChescaSini and El Gato: Not an Probl-- Masami: Chesimi... I have an Question for you... Did have you ever get Pregnant? Im so curious... ^w^ Sini and El Gato: ...
Chesca2023-03-17 17:59:20
Chesca2023-03-17 17:59:02
@FathemaNilouferSorry I was asleep, what\'s up?