linkveve2023-03-17 21:01:45
80s J-POP singers -Akina Nakamori -Miki Matsubara -Mariya Takeuchi -ANRI
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i._micho2023-07-22 21:32:36
@linkvevecan uh animate yeji from itzy(kpop girl group) she is my bias
Alisso souza2023-03-26 21:28:03
linkveve2023-03-26 12:11:50
@Alisso souzaOh my bad, i will go there now
SUNNY SZ2023-03-25 07:25:40
Alisso souza2023-03-24 21:57:31
@linkvevebro why didn\'t you comment on my post 😟 ?
linkveve2023-03-24 20:29:48
linkveve2023-03-24 20:29:36
@Alisso souzaokay
SUNNY SZ2023-03-23 02:58:18
@linkveveHi can you follow me please I follow you back I lost my account and I\'m trying to start from scratch if you can help me :D
Alisso souza2023-03-18 20:43:56
@linkveveDone ✔ take a look bro
linkveve2023-03-18 01:21:37
@ramataiNiceee, that’s one from Miki ( ̄▽ ̄)
ramatai2023-03-17 22:13:34
@linkvevestay with meeee
linkveve2023-03-17 21:03:02
@linkveveI know it’s weird but I love their music σ(^_^;)